Last night I saw Alyssa Fox go on as Elsa, I went specifically to catch her and was not disappointed.

There is something about the way she plays the role that is, in a way, *almost* a little more natural than Caissie Levy. I love Caissie in the role and cannot wait to see her tackle it again. Something about Alyssa reads very quiet and introverted. I do not know her personally, so this is just a shallow observation. (I have met her a few times and she is lovely). But the way she holds herself onstage was very convincing for this particular character.

Her voice, much like when I saw her as Elphaba, was shockingly clear. It’s resonant, high, and with the right support behind it can induce SERIOUS chills and goosebumps. She is a stellar vocalist. I was very impressed with the way she sang with such bulletproof confidence. She has been thrown on in very early previews twice now, three times tonight, and didn’t miss a beat. Let It Go is a song that literally everyone knows, but songs like ‘Dangerous to Dream’ and ‘Monster’ require a different kind of certainty. And she has it!

As an actress, I found her to be 100% believeable. I really liked her a lot, she found just the right mix of cold and sweet, utilizing each when needed. I did prefer the Caissie/Patti sweet and friendly scenes, but the Alyssa/Patti argument and tension scenes were slightly superior. It may have been a chemistry thing, but that will come with time.

Overall, Alyssa Fox delivered an ever so slightly stronger Act 1 than Caissie Levy, and Caissie Levy delivered an ever so slightly stronger Act 2 than Alyssa Fox. They are quite evenly matched, both hugely moving.