Never Really Over is a sparkling and rare jewel both within Katy Perry’s discography, and in Pop Music in 2019. Thematically, it is idiosyncratic to the majority of music released, especially by female artists, since Perry herself released Chained to the Rythym in 2017. Why? Because it’s genuine, truthful, and does not conform to the hard exterior of the dominant yet robotically executed empowerment formula that has taken over radio. It’s a song about heartbreak and healing, and the ever changing cycles of relationships that flit in and out of one’s life as the years progress. The structure of the song evolves, beginning as a mid-tempo bounce, drumming up a healthy and catchy pre-chorus before launching into an explosive and rapidfire hook.

Never Really Over manages to capture the best of what made Katy Perry the phenomenon that she is nearly ten years ago, while getting the seal of approval from those who command the direction of pop culture today.

Additionally, Perry, who just five years ago would not have been considered one of the top vocalists in Top 40 format, sounds exquisite (especially by comparison to many of her peers), navigating the vocal acrobatics of her self-penned, Zedd-produced hit with ease.

Given a proper promotional cycle, Never Really Over would undoubtedly have peaked within the Top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. However, given the PR buzz surrounding Perry since early 2017 (heaven forbid someone cut their hair, right kids?) it’s peak of 15 is symptomatic of the reality that she will be a staple in pop culture for years to come. 📸: @capitolrecords