Niall Horan’s first new release since his debut studio effort in 2017 delivers a debonair, keyboard driven mid-to-up-tempo chronicling his ever-changing dynamic with an illusive and mysterious ingenue.

Nice to Meet Ya’ is an earworm, and Horan’s honey-tinged croon winds it’s way through the melody effortlessly. Sonically, it is a laudable progression from ‘Flicker.’ It is refreshing to hear a pop song that builds itself out of a multitude of traditionally singer/songwriter genre elements. The instruments are real, and it doesn’t presume to be anything larger than it is.

The song should find a comfortable home in radio’s Top 40 format, though truthfully it may struggle to find the audience imperative to push it to the chart’s summit position.

Whatever the fate of this song commercially, its upcoming parent album’s artistic preeminence seems to be in the cards. 📸: @capitolrecords