With her first new single in two years, Selena Gomez reinvents the kiss off track, then drops the mic and struts away. ‘Lose You To Love Me’s’ lyrics are simple yet brazenly direct, taking aim at their subject while still being holistically self-revelatory. The words sung feel as if they were lifted directly from the pages of Gomez’s diary and spun gently into a terse and uncomplicated melody.

The castigation of the former and highly publicized blackguard presence in Gomez’s life is only one of the estimable aspects of ‘Lose You To Love Me.’ The other is her ability to transpose heartache, anger, and bitterness into a path forward.

Gomez has already seen major support for the song, which within hours sat atop both the iTunes chart and YouTube trending charts, the video earning over 17 million views in its first 24 hours. The song should enjoy a healthy life on Top 40 radio, though a slow rise seems a more likely trajectory than instant domination of the airwaves.

It’s evident that Gomez has spent the last four years carefully shaping the direction of her next studio album. It looks as though this chapter is going to be a darker one, but ultimately a massive stride forward in her development as an artist.