From the Audience

I love seeing shows, and I find that not only do I love it because I love the shows themselves, but it keeps me up to date on what is happening in the world of theatre.  This in turn helped me do a better job at my internship, and it gives me a lot of ideas.  I’ve done my best to provide a snapshot of some of the shows I have seen, but it would be impossible to truly capture all of them.  And yes I love Wicked a lot let’s get that out of the way.

2017, while so far not quite as full of Broadway as 2016 was, has been really eventful as well.  I got to see Dear Evan Hansen and Come From Away, which were both exceptional.  I also changed my mind slightly on Cats, which I never really liked before seeing Mamie Parris absolutely captivate me with her performance as Grizabella.  I also ventured off to Chicago for a weekend with two of my good friends and saw Aladdin and Hamilton.  I hadn’t seen a show in Chicago since 2005, so it was really exciting to see a few shows in a different setting.  The highlight of 2017 for me theatrically so far was easily getting to see one of my favorite people, Amanda Jane Cooper, make her Broadway debut in Wicked, and get to go backstage with her.  That was pretty cool on many levels.  Below is a snapshot into some of the highlights from this year (so far!).

2016 found me in New York quite a bit more than usual, due to my internship in the summer.  While in the city, I made it my goal to see as much theatre as possible.  I have been really lucky in that I’ve been able to go to New York quite a bit more than many people do.  However, it was really cool to be able to see just about everything rather than  just picking two or three favorites to see over a weekend.  Highlights included Rachel Tucker and Jonah Platt’s last performance in Wicked, my boyfriend winning the Hamilton lottery on his first try when he came to visit me, seeing Waitress twice in a week because I was so blown away by it, standing onstage at Finding Neverland (thank you Kristy Cates!) and, of course, seeing straight plays The Crucible, Curious Incident, and The Humans all in the same weekend.   The pictures below are not everything I saw (I do have a tendency to repeat) but it gives a pretty good idea of what many evenings of Summer 2016 looked like for me.

2015 took me to the West End for the first time, where I got to see Curious Incident, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and Wicked.  It also took me back to the Midwest, where I got to see Kinky Boots at the Orpheum, one of the theatres I grew up seeing shows in.


2014 was the beginning of my BFA Musical Theatre Auditions.  I travelled from State College, to Erie, to Cleveland, to Pittsburgh, to New York, back to State College, auditioning for a dozen schools (and being placed on the wait list at my two top choices). I happened to be in Cleveland and Pittsburgh while the Wicked tour was there.  So we all know by now I won’t ever miss a chance to see that show.  But I also got to take my older brother to see Pippin in New York during audition season.  A few non-union (but excellent) tours came through State College while I was at school there, and at the end of the semester I found my way back up to New York, and able to see Beautiful and If/Then.

2013 I got to see a handful of shows. I graduated High School in May and moved to State College ten days later to start Summer Session at Penn State.  I spent a lot of that summer by myself, and fell in love with the music from Kinky Boots and Matilda, while also hardcore obsessing over Pippin (I played Pippin in High School no big deal).  I got to see all three of them later in the Summer which was really exciting.