Beyond Broadway


When I was younger, Broadway was my entire life.  I didn’t listen to anything but showtunes until 2011.  Once I started college, a lot of things changed.  I have become much more well-rounded and ventured outside of the Broadway landscape.  It’s impossible to sum up an entire person on a website, but I am going to do my best to expose you to some OTHER things I like on this page.

The people that are in my life are the reasons that it is what it is.


I am very passionate about what is happening in the world, particularly right now.  There is a lot of unrest and disagreement, and while I do think unity is crucial to the success of this country, it is absolutely essential that unity is created upon foundations that do not alienate people based on their genetic makeup, religion, or country of origin.  I have many friends that I do not see eye to eye with on everything, and that’s fine with me, as long as the issue at hand doesn’t deal with someone’s right to exist peacefully as they are.


To avoid boring everyone to tears, I’m just gonna post the greatest hits.  But I’ve been so lucky to be able to go so many places already since I’ve been alive, and I absolutely love doing it.  These are pictures from the last three years.