Broadway Across America

Marketing Assistant – Dallas, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Fresno, Albuquerque, Boise

On January 8, 2018 I began as a Marketing Assistant at Broadway Across America at the John Gore Organization. Within The John Gore Organization, which is the parent company for BAA,, and much more.  In January, I learned that I would be the assistant for all things marketing in six cities across the country: Orlando, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Fresno, Boise, and Albuquerque. 

As a Marketing Assistant, I work with both the NYC teams and the teams in each individual cities to ensure that the plates keep spinning to allow shows go off without a hitch.  Hidden in that showy sentence are very full, but VERY rewarding days. 

Being a Marketing Assistant has taught me a lot of things about the industry.  It’s also taught me a LOT aboout organization, prioritization, COMMUNICATION, and confidence in decision making.  My responsibilities range from scheduling links to go live on local pages, to requesting and approving pre-sale/season announcement/many different kinds of emails for all six of my markets, to monitoring, logging, and ensuring payment of digital vendor invoices for all 44 BAA markets, to requesting, approving, trafficking, and building tags for digital ad and video campaigns via Basis and DoubleClick, to driving the ship on creating Season Ticket Books/Brochures for each season in each market, to building out Lucky Seat lotteries, and so much more. 

In addition, Broadway Across America has a Travel team that puts together show packages for people across the country, I put together e-blasts, dictate website changes/creative direction and suggest and help write copy for that team.

The cherry on top for me is that I get to handle all social media for RENT, as well as making sure that both the website and marketing materials site stay up to date.