Digital Media

I am obsessed with the internet.  For me, it’s all about storytelling and connecting with other people.  Each of my personal social platforms reflects a part of my story.  From Instagram, where I find myself posting pictures that I often go back to look at, to Twitter, where I post thoughts that I have about any given subject, to Tumblr and Facebook, where I can combine images, thoughts and stories with people I know.  My goal when taking on a social/digital media project or endeavor is to create a little world that people can come to.  As silly as it sounds, I’ve noticed people’s social media habits and I think you can tell a lot about a person via their online presence.  I’ve always wanted mine to be well-rounded, interesting, and basically a digital diary.

Since being a fan of Wicked as a kid really pushed me into the online realm, much of my experience comes from that particular show.  But I have a great desire to push on beyond the world of Oz and tell stories for other people, shows, and brands.  And I know my existing experience will do nothing but help me achieve that.