Amanda Jane Cooper

“Kyle Filbeck has been a gift to me for 6 years, compiling and organizing a comprehensive and engaging fan page – he has a sense of our audience and a unique ability to balance professionalism and fun.  I know he is a large part of why the page has grown and been successful, not to mention been the springboard for my other social accounts!  Kyle is passionate, driven, encouraging, diligent, and he maximizes every opportunity.”

-Amanda Jane Cooper

My favorite social media project has been opening, maintaining, and co-running Amanda Jane Cooper’s official Facebook fan page. I met Amanda in 2011 while she was playing Glinda on the First National Tour of Wicked, fresh out of school. I was so impressed by her performance, and I had seen that she did not yet have a social media presence outside of Twitter, so I asked her if she would be okay with me starting a fan page for her on Facebook. She loved the idea, and I set it up. After adding her as an administrator, it became her official page.

Amanda stayed with the First National Tour of Wicked for six months and then departed to pursue other projects. That in itself was a bit of a curveball for me, because even though I really liked Amanda as a person, I had never known her in a non-Glinda context. I was a little stumped as to how to keep the page active.

Fortunately, she is incredibly talented and driven. She moved to LA, and immediately began booking guest work on multiple television shows. Guest appearances on Bones, Glee, CSI, Jessie, Cavemen, Hello Ladies, and being regular appearances on Selfie drove likes up in bursts, and now Amanda had an audience of people who liked her for MORE than just her work in Wicked, which was incredibly exciting.

Since 2011, I’ve been by her side assisting her with whatever she may need in a digital sense. I’ve gotten to see her through her Television debut, her return to Wicked in 2015, her Broadway debut in 2017, and her 54 Below concert debut in April 2019.

Running this page has taught me a lot. I’ve learned how to help establish and respect an artist’s brand, and to facilitate the creation of their image of what they would like out in the world. Amanda is a very peaceful, all-loving, kind person who wants her page to be a space of positivity and love. We are in frequent contact about content. Amanda often posts more things directly related to her, and I post things related to projects she is working on. I also go into the comments and interact with a lot of her fans.

Most importantly, running this page in it’s earliest days while I still was very much a smitten fan boy taught me a lot about maintaining a level of professionalism while also having a great admiration for the performer with whom I am working. I first met Amanda when I was fifteen years old, and asked for an autograph and a picture with her at the stage door. At age twenty three when I see Amanda, there’s a sense of mutual respect (and of course a serious photoshoot on BOTH of our phones). I haven’t lost any of that love I have for her onstage, but I’ve moved from teenage fan to young professional – and it shows.