Situation Interactive

“Kyle has a solid foundation of knowledge in digital media and a passion for all things arts and culture. Watching him learn to harness that passion and combine it with his knowledge of the digital space was remarkable. He was able to tackle everything from small research projects to large quarterly planning presentations with ease.”

– Eileen Minnick, Situation Internship Supervisor

In the Summer of 2016, I interned with Situation Interactive, a full service Digital Advertising agency in New York City.  I first learned of Situation Interactive in 2009, when they awarded my Flying High website with the Official Wicked Seal of Approval.

In August of 2015, I sat down in my room with a stack of Playbills and began looking through them to find the names of as many different Advertising/PR/Digital Broadway agencies or offices as I could.  I wanted to start the application process very early.  I reached out to Situation Interactive first, and began corresponding with the head of Human Resources.  I began interviewing in December of that year, and got an offer to join the Creative Strategy team in April of 2016 (I told you I started early!).

My internship at Situation Interactive ran from May 28, 2016-August 5, 2016 and was focused on assisting the Creative Strategy team with the creation of digital plans (i.e. how to execute anything that appeared online from ads to video content to officially represent the show) for various Broadway productions.  I found myself doing everything from learning about different analytics tools, to sending the Strategy team videos of Miranda Sings’ Les Miserables covers to be considered for a compilation video, to sitting in the office of the man who oversaw everything creative, doing my best to lead a meeting regarding Miss Saigon’s return to Broadway and how to utilize the calligraphy symbol on the poster to help promote the show.  It was a learning curve, particularly at the beginning.  But by the end, I think my confidence in a professional setting had grown.

I got to work on projects for multiple shows.  My primary focuses were Dear Evan Hansen and Miss Saigon.  Dear Evan Hansen had not opened on Broadway yet, but the biggest contributions that I made to that show were working with Stephanie and Chris, strategizing on how best to create ‘The Evan Project’ which was originated by Stacey Mindich, and would serve as a fan club for lovers of this show.  We wanted to make sure it was a rewarding and interactive experience for fans, but not make it seem too exclusive for fans with less ability to dedicate time and resources to the show.  The other project that I took on was the presentation of the concept for a tumblr page for the show.  Tumblr felt like a very appropriate platform for the show to utilize.  I do not believe that a tumblr has been created, but it was a well-recieved idea.

For Miss Saigon, which is at a very different stage of its’ life than Dear Evan Hansen, it was all about re-invention mixed with nostalgia.  The artwork was new, the cast was new, it was a transfer of a widely regarded West End production.  But we wanted to make sure that people recognized it, and that we could bring back the old fans as well as creating new ones.  This led to several meetings regarding artwork, students and partnering with the Situation Project, and more.

My primary focus during the internship, however, was working with the other interns in the office to create a digital strategy and presentation for the first Broadway production of Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn.  We were focused on how to ensure strong sales and awareness outside of the holiday season, awareness and interest from young people, and especially how to use the show’s strengths (Roundabout as an institution, existing familiarity with the movie, a hit-filled score, and Corbin Bleu) to its’ advantage.   My role was to create, present and oversee the implementation of the ideas that would be included in the presention.  After six weeks, we met and presented to Roundabout Theatre Company’s Junior Marketing team, as well as the majority of Situation’s staff.  The presentation ended up going so well, that the President and Founder of Situation, Damian Bazadona, set up a meeting with the six of us to congratulate us and offer advice.

The Summer 2016 Situation Interactive interns.
After talking about him for weeks, we finally met Corbin Bleu at Broadway in Bryant Park.
Screen testing for Terrance McNally director of Anastasia.  His Tony Awards were feet from me.  No big deal.


Below are two examples of video content that I got to work on during my time at Situation Interactive.  While it would be wrong for me to take any real credit for supplying the ideas behind them, I sat in on all of the meetings in which they originated, and voiced my support for them, particularly the Hillary Clinton pantsuit video.  Even though I was sure that the idea had been voiced before it was bounced off of me, I said that I thought the video would be a creative way to celebrate women’s accomplishments while also promoting The Color Purple in a fun, out of the box way.  Subsequently, another intern and I split the task of finding clips of Secretary Clinton and President Obama saying the words that were necessary to create the final product.